Five for the Floor

Wistful Wednesdays #002 : Five for the Floor


Now, you may be wondering, “Rugs? She’s featuring rugs as something she wants?”
Logan, my foster dog, destroyed the rug in my room. My floor looks a bit naked now, and it’s ashamed. It doesn’t NEED something to cover it, but it’ll look better with it.

The one I had was similar to the ivory silver Mulberry rug in the bottom right corner. Of course mine wasn’t Mulberry, and cost $15.

My room currently has a dark brown with gold, black, and white scheme going on, but my bed sheets are a pop of color with orange. It wasn’t intentional and just happened to be that way – so, I thought I’d continue with it!

I usually don’t like circular rugs but how cool is the Luna Rug by Narnimarquina? It’s a moon! Black and white rectangular pick with the Willa rug in black and ivory.

I decided to also lean towards color so it’s not THAT morbid. The Valles Flat-Weave Rug and Verona Jute-Blend Rug are such fun patterns that remind me of outdoor, tribal festival designs.

Which one do you think looks best?


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