Top 5 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

"Entrepreneur" seems to be a term that's casually thrown around nowadays. I have met a number of people who claim, accurately or inaccurately, to be one. Whether you have a marketable idea with a plan to bring it into action, or you're actually just living at home doing nothing, these podcasts may be the dose of motivation you need.

Don't Keep Your Day Job

Cathy Heller is a singer/songwriter who makes a living doing what she loves. She inspires others to do the same with tips and strategies in her weekly podcast, interviewing successful creatives to find out what path they took to turn passion into profit.

This Week in Startups

Jason Calacanis's news roundtable podcast features weekly guests who discuss all things startup and tech. Startup founders, growth and marketing experts, and investors, offer actionable plans and takeaways to leverage, scale, and optimize from conception to completion.

Side Hustle School

It's always good to have an extra source of income. Chris Guillebeau, author of the New York Times bestseller The $100 Startup, knows more than a thing or two about hustling. Whether you're looking to just create a passion project with a paycheck as a perk, or have bigger aspirations, there's an episode for you.

My Wife Quit Her Job

As the title may suggest, John Chou's wife quit her job. After his wife became pregnant, they created an commerce company to allow her to leave her "hell hole" job and to have more time to focus on their children. In its first year, it generated a six-figure revenue. His podcast features entrepreneurs who like John, bootstrapped their way to success.


Gimlet, the media company that produces Startup, aims to find untold stories. And that is what Startup does. It chronicles companies' through documentary-style storytelling from an idea to after their launch. Whether you want to start, invest in, work for, or just learn about a startup, there's information on it.


Depending on whether I want a motivational story or strategies to reach goals, I like to mix them up based on what kind of listening experience I'm looking for. For you entrepreneurs: what are some of your favorite podcasts?

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