The 90s and 00s Called : They Want Their Trends Back


The cycle of fashion says: what goes around, comes around. Oh wait, that might be karma.

With 90s and 00s icons like chokersTommy Hilfiger Sweatshirts, and chunky heel wedges – not to mention that AOL tee, resurfacing, which trends are best left in the past and which will be the next fashion item? Here are my picks on what’s here to stay… at least for this season.

Logo Tops 
– This uncool trend is back. Visible brand logos are now front-and-center on tees, shirts, and hoodies. For a more updated version, pair it with chic leggings or skinny jeans for a sleek for an everyday look, or a shimmery midi-skirt for a night out.

Plaid Minis – Remember when Gwen Stefani was part of No Doubt, and rocked plaid mini skirts? Pair one of these short numbers with a logo top or your favorite band tee.

Slip Dresses – This versatile unit can be worn in so many different ways. Throw it over a white tee for a casual look. Layer it with pants under to transition from winter to spring. Dress it up with a pair of delicate stilettos for date night.

Statement Earrings – Delicate studs and multiple piercings have been trending for a while, and it’s time for louder earrings to make a splash. Hoops are back in, but in more subtle softer designs.

Knee High Chunky Heel Boots – Take heights to another level without the pain with a sturdier square heel.




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