Survive Winter with This Skin Care Guide

Cold weather has certainly taken its toll on my skin. Living in New York City means snow and whipping frigid wind, and cracked heels and ashy elbows. For those thinking warming up by hiding indoors is a solution, it’s actually the opposite. Intense heat may have a drying effect. So what’s a lady to do?

Here are some solutions that I found to be better than burying underneath layers of blankets. What are some of yours? Add them in the comments section below!

1. A Humidifier Will Be Your BFF
Combat the heater and put moisture back into the air, and ultimately your skin, with a humidifier. Heaters are very drying and can be harsh on your skin. Not only does it attack your skin but your nasal passages as well. Waking up in the AM feeling like you’re fighting off a cold? It’s likely that you’re sleeping and breathing in dried-out air.

2. Put a Mask On It
I use paper masks year round. In winter, I get an assist from a moisturizing one that provides an extra barrier against drying effects. It’s a one-step process that not only helps seal in moisture but also targets other skin issues — depending on what kind of mask you use.

3. Say “Bye” to Long Hot Showers
I’m the kind of person who loves hot showers, even in the summer. So with cold winter temperatures, it’s even more tempting to stay in there extra long. Excessive exposure to hot water may have a drying effect, so it’s something to avoid.

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
Lock in moisture with plenty of body lotion. The most ideal time to slather it on is after you shower when pores are most open.

5. Balms for Far-From-Balmy-Weather
I get severely chapped lips, and even angular cheilitis (splits at the corner of the mouth) during winter.  Reaching for a lip balm during winter may be a “duh” moment, but what’s in it may cause more harm than good. For something that you’re slathering on multiple times a day, it’s best to make sure it’s one that doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances. Skin is more sensitive in the winter, and may react negatively to scents.

There is a lot of disagreement whether petroleum-based lip products contain carcinogenic compounds, so I tend to use Vaseline sparingly on the corners of my mouth to create a barrier from moisture-sucking saliva, and more natural options on my lips.

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