Start Your Morning with Lemon Water


Lets face it. We’re all busy people and it’s easy to grab a cup of coffee or tea on the go in the morning to caffinate yourself. I, personally, find coffee to be rough on my stomach with its acidity as I age (hey, just cause I look great for my age doesn’t mean I don’t age).

I’ve been swapping out my cup o’ joe each morning for a glass of lemon water. It’s best to drink it first thing at least 15 minutes before any food to aid your body in digesting. Since hot water may destroy the lemon’s healing properties and your body uses energy to heat cold water, it’s best to make lemon water with warm water.

Squeeze half a lemon’s worth of juice into a 8-12 fl oz. of warm water, and read on to find out the benefits of lemon water!

1. Boosts your immune system

Lemons are full of vitamin C which assists in fighting colds and flu. Lemon also aids the body’s ability to absorb iron, an essential nutrient for a healthy immune system.

2 Aids digestion

It helps clean out the gastrointestinal tract and relieves symptoms of indigestion like heartburn, burping, and bloating.

3. Freshens breath

Lemon juice works as a disinfectant and kills the bad bacteria in your mouth!

4. Balances acidity levels

Although lemons are thought of as being acidic, it is actually alkalizing and helps balance acidity levels in the body. Too much acidity can be inflammatory.

5. Reduces appetite/helps you lose weight

Lemon has pectin fiber that combats hunger cravings since it creates a feeling of being full. Feeling full will fend off the urge to reach for unhealthy food!
food choices.


What do you start your day with?


* This article isn’t designed to provide nor be a substitution for actual medical advice, professional diagnosis, care, or treatment. All information is opinions of mine. Readers are to make their own nutrition and health decisions after consulting with their health care provider.


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