Smorgasburg Queens

Brooklyn has been home to Smorgasburg since May 2011. Every weekday from April through November, Smorgasburg features more than 100 regional and local food vendors. 2015 marks the year that this gastronomical fair came to the borough of Queens.

I dropped by briefly to find never-ending lines for long-waits for diminishing supplies and choices of food. This was barely 3 hours after the event started. It just proves how strong Smorgasburg’s appeal is!

I saw a lot of Queens restaurants hailing from Astoria and Long Island City, as well as from further out east in Flushing. Colombian arepas, ramen, pit-smoked BBQ, kimchi tacos, Hong Kong style dessert were just a few food options I spotted. With an outdoors space as well as an indoor area, there’s minimal seating with just a few benches outside.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Smorgasburg Queens has to offer once it’s up and running, because it’s launch sure looked promising!

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