Rockaway Beach, NY


With all the rain in New York City lately, you would think it’s April and not June. Where’s summer!? Luckily, I had the chance to hit the beach last weekend when there was a bit of warmer weather.

Rockaway Beach is probably one of the best New York City daytrips you can go on. It’s really easy to get to, and the coastal vibes makes it hard to believe that it’s only a 30 minute drive away from the city.

I camped out around the 90th street area. I got a decent spot for a more popular part of the beach. The water was clear and the beach was clean (looking at you, Coney Island and Jones Beach!), aside from a seagull here and there picking and tossing trash around.

There’s quite a few options on the boardwalk for food. I got myself a fish torta from Rippers. It was the most delicious Mexican food I’ve ever eaten. Okay, it wasn’t authentic since it came on a hamburger bun, but New York can give Cali a run for its money.

I didn’t get a chance to explore much inland but I did go to Bungalow for some seafood. It’s a casual sit-down restaurant with an outdoor bar area. I got to nosh on a seared scallop risotto, raw oysters, and mussels in white wine. If you get a seat outdoors, you can catch a view of Jamaica Bay.

I hope the weather looks up soon! What’s your idea of a great daytrip?

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