Weekend Garage Grunge

What are weekends for? With my unconventional schedule, my errands are usually squared away so it gives me time to meet with friends who have the usual Monday to Friday work schedule.

But just because it’s the weekend and you’re acting like it (Getting a little sloppy there with boozy brunch? Into the n’th hour on the couch Netflixing?), doesn’t mean you have to look it.

Comfort is a big factor to me. The week’s been long enough- who needs to put themselves through extra discomfort in uncomfortable clothes?


With the bipolar weather in NYC lately, it can be blazing hot in the morning and afternoon, and be cold with chilly winds in the evening.

Because of the unpredictable weather, layering was the key to this outfit.

I wore a loose breathable sweater over a tank for the hotter weather during the day, and had a flannel shirt as lighter outerwear for when it got colder at night.

Can’t forget sunglasses to protect your eyes against the summer sun!
I threw on a hat for its versatility : in case it got windy and to hide my Day-2-hair!

Gladiator sandals bring a bit more edge to the look to compliment the ripped jeans.

Vince Camuto sweater
Uniqlo flannel shirt
American Eagle jeans
Steve Madden Comly sandals
Urban Outfitters Felt Slouch fedora
Forever21 Two-Tone round sunglasses



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