How to Nail Comfortable Travel Style

Whether you're going on a quick day trip or a soul-finding journey, chances are you'll want to arrive to your destination in the right travel outfit. Car, plane, or train, I've done it all. Believe me: being uncomfortable for 15+ hour flights isn't the greatest time. Here's my guide to staying comfy-and-chic while you're in transit.

Layer, Layer, Layer!

I can't stress this enough. Layering clothing gives you the option to adjust to a climate. Most modern transportation have air conditioning -- you don't want to hop on a flight at a humid place of origin to only freeze on the plane in shorts and a tank top. Clothing can also do double duty as a blanket or as a pillow!

I probably take it to an unnecessary level but preparation is everything! I like to pile things on in the following fashion: a tank top, a tee, a button-down shirt or a sweater depending on the destination, and a light jacket. This usually covers the bases for a large range of temperatures from on-the-plane to off it.

Accessorize Less

If by air is your mode of transportation, you'll probably have to remove all accessories when going through airport security. Jewelry, belts, and watches can trigger the metal detector, so tone done on the bling. Leaving any valuable pieces at home is also a good idea if you think you may lose them in the shuffle. It can make going through security a more seamless transition.

I usually forego all jewelry except fashion earrings and a statement necklace that's easy to remove and put back on.

Shoes and Socks

Forget scrappy stilettos or boots with buckles that you have to fumble  over pre-and-post airport security. Practicality is the key regardless of the mode of transportation. Airplanes and cars can get drafty with air conditioning, and exposed ankles and feet aren't the best idea. And when you're running to make a connecting train or flight, you'll want to opt for speed over style!

I usually live in flat shoes, and it's no exception when I travel. I opt for a pair of sneakers or loafers.

Haul It

Whether it's a backpack or a roomy tote, it should be spacious enough to carry all your essentials. From medication to in-transit entertainment, keep whatever you need close and organized.

Compartments are the key to organization. I transition seamlessly from one bag to another with a bag organizerMine is from Muji and has 8 compartments to sort all my belongings.

Hope these tips help you in your travels! What's your favorite go-to?

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