My Daily Skincare Routine


With sensitive and stress-related acne prone combination skin, coming up with the right mix of daily skincare products is a balancing act. Products that help soak up my oil t-zone, but won’t strip and dry out the rest of my face without causing a chain reaction are difficult finds.

My regimen is pretty simple. I stick to the basics of cleanse – tone – moisturize. I also apply a sheet mask once a week for an added boost dependent on what my skin needs the most. I’ve tried introducing more steps in the past (like a 10-step Korean skincare routine, and variations of this with some of its steps), and it wreaked havoc on my skin. “Less is more” seems to agree with it most.


Makeon Nothing Is Impossible Remover Liquid

Makeon Nothing Is Impossible Remover Liquid  All skincare applications start with a clean base. As the name suggests, “nothing is impossible” to remove with this remover. It wipes away waterproof makeup, while moisturizing and protecting sensitive parts of the face like around the eyes. Hate when dramatic cat-eye or a sultry look become raccoon ring smudges from an inefficient makeup remover? This strong remover wipes all makeup and those concerns away.


BENTON Honest Cleansing Foam

BENTON Honest Cleansing Foam – This creamy cleanser lathers into a rich foam. Its packaging says that it, “not only cleanses your face but further moisturizes your skin to minimize dryness of your skin.” I often find creamy cleansers to have an overpowering scent and overly drying, both which aren’t the case with Honest Cleansing foam. It leaves my t-zone oil-free without feeling tight, and is gentle enough for my sensitive skin.


Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Watery Toner & Boots Shine Away Toner

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Watery Toner & Boots Shine Away Toner – Toner is an essential step for extra gunk and debris removal for anything a cleanser missed, and for restoring skin’s balance after cleansing it. I alternate between these two, sometimes using both at once on different parts of my face. With its mattefying qualities, I use Boots Shine Away Toner for my forehead to absorb excess oil, and then Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Watery Toner, which has a thicker consistency, on the rest of my face for moisturization.


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – Most of the products in my arsenal are Korean skincare products. However, my moisturizer is an American classic. It’s been a staple of mine for nearly a decade. This lightweight moisturizer isn’t oily and is fast-drying, which makes is great for layering underneath makeup.




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