5 Tips to Choosing the Right Concealer




On a recent trip with my friend to various cosmetic stores to find a new concealer, it raised a good question. How does one choose a concealer? From covering up pesky dark circles to masking nasty breakouts, the right concealer can perform disappearing acts. For those lucky enough to have flawless skin, it can help brighten up your complexion. Whatever your skin concern, it’s a must in your daily makeup bag.

Here are some quick tips to help choose the right concealer for you.
1. Choose the Right Kind
Liquid? Creamy? Stick?
The consistency of your concealer should depend on what type of skin you have. Choosing the wrong kind of concealer may emphasize instead of cover up! When purchasing, think “opposite.”
If you have oily skin, don’t go for a cream or stick cover-up because they tend to slide off and add an oily shine. Stick with a liquid concealer instead, which will have more staying power.
On the flip side, if you have dry skin, opt for a cream or stick foundation for more absorbency and moisturization that won’t highlight dryness.
2. What Are You Concealing?
Ever see green, pink, and yellow concealers?
Color correcting concealers are complementary colors to whatever you’re trying to conceal, so they tone down and negate them.
Have a pesky flaming red zit? Use a green concealer.
Pink concealer cancels out dark circles.
And yellow concealer brightens up dull skin.
3. Different Colors for Different Places
Unless you live in the same environment year-round, your complexion isn’t the same and changes based on season and sun-exposure. You will need two separate shades at the very minimum. One for warmer climates, and another for colder. Also, a single concealer may not be the solution for coverage on your whole face. If you prefer, you can combine two. One for underneath your eyes, and one for the rest of your face. If you have some additional trouble areas, a third would be a green, pink, or yellow concealer.

For the face, a quick tip to see if a concealer matches is to swipe it on the back of your hand. For the undereye area, select a shade that’s no more than one or two shades lighter than the one you chose for your face, or risk having white circles underneath your eyes!

4. How much coverage?
Dependent on the product’s consistency and application, it can mean sheer to highly buildable coverage.
High Coverage : Cream, Stick
 Medium-to-High Coverage : Pencil
+ Medium Coverage : Liquid Tube, Liquid with Wand
+ Light Coverage : Pen with tip

5. Apply in Natural Light
Artificial or dark lighting may harm more than help your application. What you thought was a perfect match may be an unsuitable shade. I know I’ve walked out of cosmetic shops before with what I thought was flawless coverage, only to see what looked like half-eaten powder doughnuts underneath my eyes! I personally prefer to roll up the shades in the morning, and stand nearby the windows for application.

Hope these tips help in your search! I personally use Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage in SC-03.

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