25 Under-$25 Pairs of Shoes to Step Into Spring With

Move along Minimalist trend of 2016. 2017 is the rise of more. More embellishments, louder textures, and even more ugly. Yes, for a hot moment, croc sandals were in. But I’m not going to take it THAT far.

Instead of a basic monochrome slide, this season sees bolder designs including fur, decals, and feathers.
Take things sky-high with an homage to the 90s and 00s with platform shoes. Want a more casual take? Try the flatform.

Still digging last season’s minimalistic look? From plastic heels to entirely clear shoes, maybe the clear plastic trend will suit you. If the bejeweling and chunky shoes are too much, dainty kitten heels and lace-ups are in if you’re looking for a softer touch.

Which look is your favorite?



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